The background of the aral sea

Journal of environmental management (1992) 36, 193-199 saving the aral sea arkady levinianus hlstitute of geography, staromonetnyi per, 29, 109017 moscow, russia received 12 july 1991 this paper examines the causes of the ecological disaster'in the aral sea region of the cis. One of the remnants of the ancient sea was the aral sea, the fourth largest inland body of water in the world the aral is an inland salt-water sea with no outlet it is fed by two rivers, the amu darya and syr darya. The primary effect of the aral sea desiccation has been the significant loss of water in the sea the water level has dropped approximately 23 meters since the onset of its primary sources of water being diverted (zavialov 2005) although the water level has fluctuated up to a few meters in the past.

Aral sea developing the investigation 2 hand out copies of the briefing and log to each student or to small groups of students students can work individually, but small groups support of the ideas in the background have students explain the difference between, and give examples of, fresh and salt water lakes begin a discussion of lakes. Background to the aral problem front matter pages 13-13 pdf introduction to the aral sea and its region philip micklin part 2 examines the social consequences of the ecological catastrophe and the affect of the aral sea desiccation on cultural and economic conditions of near aral region part 3 explores the scientific causes of the. Monitoring the aral sea landscape change thomas panagopoulos faculty of natural resources, university of algarve, aral sea area through: high temporal resolution remote sensing imagery concurrent with ground data collection figure 4-the webgis initial display with background the nasa's srtm images (can be seen some tools like pan, print. Sea has a salt concentration much lower than the background, thus warming faster than if the concentration of salt was distributed more evenly the salinity level in the aral sea dramatically increased due to the reduction of water.

More background info: see also under aral sea for more general background information about the whole area the town of aralsk, also known by the shorter name aral, only came into being with the arrival of the tashkent-orenburg railway in 1905. Painting / aral expedition of 1848 – 1849 / on the shore of the aral sea aral expedition of 1848 – 1849 on the shore of the aral sea taras shevchenko on the shore of the aral sea watercolour (15,3 × 28,7 cm) 117 – 91 one of the buildings in the background of this picture is the same as in the pictures fort kos-aral in winter. The aral sea: is the glass half full or half empty prepared for the international conference aral: past, present and future - two centuries of the aral sea background under 18 meters of water in 1960 (august 2005) syr dar’ya main channel archeological sites and old bed of syr dar’ya preserved. The aral sea is located in kazakhstan, and uzbekistan, in central asia it was once the fourth largest lake in the world but due mostly to irrigation it has shrunk by 70%, from 67,000 square km in 1960 to 30,000 square km by 1996.

Aral sea a satellite image of the aral sea in 2010 the black line imposed on the image represents the aral sea's approximate shoreline in 1960 the black line imposed on the image represents the aral sea's approximate shoreline in 1960. The aral sea has a grand history in kazakhstan and the central asian region and was once one of the four largest lakes in the world, covering 26,300 square miles with kazakhstan to the north and uzbekistan to the south. The aral sea crisis: the desiccation of the aral sea has profound social, economic, environmental, and public health ramifications in the region there is a vast amount of literature on the aral sea crisis, and if you’re interested in learning more about this topic, i have resources at the end.

The aral sea philip micklin nv aladin igor plotnikov editors the devastation and partial rehabilitation of a great lake springer earth system sciences part i (background to the aral problem) in three chapters provides essential information about the aral sea prior to its modern desiccation that gives context v. The village is located between the north and south aral seas due to climate change, desertification of the land has caused a rise in temperature and an increase in the occurrence of dust storms despite strong gusty winds of sand, the girl in the photo goes to school. For the aral sea basin tashkent, uzbekistan, 6 november 1998 sc-98iwsi72 cultural background and its historical perspective central asia, geographically the basin of the aral sea, is a site of rich cultural heritage of over 3500 years of human history the great cities of samarkand, bukhara and khiva were.

The background of the aral sea

The aral sea basin programme is the main long-term action programme in the region in the field of sustainable development, including the management of water resources and environmental protection. Background: the aral sea’s vozrozhdeniie island was the main open-air testing ground for soviet biological warfare weapons weaponized agents included tularemia, epidemic typhus, q fever, smallpox, plague, anthrax, venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis, glanders, brucellosis, and marburg infection. Just a decade ago, it looked like the soviet union’s disastrous decision to divert the aral sea’s feeder rivers to farming had turned an area the size of ireland into a ship graveyard, with no fish and no jobs. Working from dusk until dawn, fishermen from around the town of aral in kazakhstan haul in a catch from the north aral sea, where the water level has risen and salinity has decreased—in stark contrast to the larger south aral sea, which has gone nearly dry.

The south aral sea was a lake in the basin of the former aral sea which formed in 1986 when that body divided in two, due to diversion of river inflow for agriculture. The aral sea is actually not a sea at all it is an immense lake, a body of fresh water, although that particular description of its contents might now be more a figure of speech than practical fact. Most of the sea's water supply had been diverted, and in the 1960s, the aral sea began to shrink from 1961 to 1970, the aral's level fell at an average of 20cm a year in the 1970s, the average rate nearly tripled to 50- per year, and by the 1980s, it continued to drop, now with a mean of 80- each year.

Reaching aral sea looking toward the west from the shore of the sea, with the edge of the ustyurt plateau visible in the background sea shells embedded in the ground, the remains of the abundant life that existed in the aral sea. The aral sea ecological change has resulted in total obliteration of the fish stocks upon which these communities formerly depended for their sustenance and employment, and the contemporary aral sea is essentially a hypersaline lake with near-total elimination of species of fresh, brackishwater, or marine origin. The aral sea, in central asia, used to be the fourth largest lake in the world, after the caspian sea, and lakes superior and victoria now barely 10% of it is left. The aral sea is known by the local karakalpaks and uzbeks as the aral ten'iz on the early russian charts dating from 1632 to 1674 it was called the sine more, or blue sea in even earlier times it has been given a variety of names, always related to the name of a local region or settlement or to the name of one of its tributary rivers.

the background of the aral sea Background: recently kazakhstan’s news agency kazinform reported that the level of the aral sea rose by several percent during the last 12 months, thus reducing the devastating impact of the salt and various chemical pollutants from the drying seabed, which are carried by the wind for thousands of square miles across the entire region this turnaround has a substantial positive impact on the.
The background of the aral sea
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